Explorers wanted!

Looking for a second job? Nope.

What about some fun and casual adventure instead? Yes!

Our expeditionary unit is looking for more volunteers!


Recruitment is OPEN


​All are welcome to apply. Special emphasis placed on the following:


Crafters are needed to monopolize the commons and reinforce the war effort.

- Enchanters to win over crowds, shake some babies, and kiss hands.
- DPS, death will be delivered by a thousand cuts via parcel.
- (true)Box armies, because why not? Plus you might be needed for your DPS racing prowess...
- Boxers, hell if you can shadow box then maybe I can convince you to PvP?


Everyone is encouraged to submit an application.

- Plate wearing soldiers and priests on the front lines ((WAR, SHD, PAL, CLR, BRD)). Don’t worry, the Bards will keep you motivated as you get torn down in this forsaken world time and time again!

- Mana sponges that can deliver a thousand cuts ((MNK, ROG, RNG)) as well as that occasional volunteer (looking at you Ranger) to become the sacrificial lamb

- Support troops to supply the front lines while they ""AFK" consisting of healers, logistics, artillery, and some good old fashioned chemical warfare ((SHM, DRU, WIZ, MAG, ENC, NEC)).

- Specialized units will be standing up ((ROG, CLR, DRU/WIZ)) designed exclusively for corpse extraction when everything goes to hell in a handbasket.

- Additional units ((ALTS)) will be encouraged to hand their hopes and dreams over to their local Priest of Discord in order to stand up red teams ((PvP)). These red teams will be designed to level together as static groups, train against each other in the most obnoxious areas, and occasionally invade the Selo server with an Alt of an Alt until DBG provides a Team PvP TLP. We haven't gone so far as to administer a blood oath among our ranks, at least not yet...

-Unsuspecting candidates will be hand selected to carry mules on their back (see above photo). Everyone else will be just be herded along.

Explorers inquire within!